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Already did that? Then let’s continue with our Seattle and Bumbershoot trip for 2017.

Monday September 4th

Sadly, the Bumbershoot Festival ended yesterday. But it was awesome and the vacation continues! After another Veggie Grill lunch, Petra had some school work that was due so she finished that in the room for a couple hours, while Josephine and I walked down to Pike Place Market. We bought a few souvenirs and shopped around a while, then met up with Petra there. We took the monorail over to the Seattle Center to visit the MoPop Museum (formerly known as the Experience Music Project). I love this place and we are charter members. This year there were two new exhibits we wanted to see. The Jim Henson exhibit was large and very well done. Yes, there were muppets, but also his work pre-muppet as well as several attempts to do other projects in other directions. His film for was recognized too, including The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (love that movie). Labyrinth stars David Bowie, and that was the other new exhibit. It was a collection of Bowie photographs by Mick Rock from back in the Ziggy Stardust era. There were also a few videos, and downstairs there was a later-day interview with Bowie showing on the movie screen. David is one of the all-time greats so this was a treat. We had dinner at the nearby Bamboo Garden, all-vegetarian and lots of vegan choices. And leftovers for tomorrow. Then we sat at the International Fountain for a while, chill time, then back to the room.

Tuesday September 5th

Today we went all over town. We bought all-day bus/lightrail passes and we sure got our money’s worth. First stop was the University District, to Araya’s Place for the all-you-can-eat all-vegan Thai Food Buffet. Yeah! Kinda like heaven must be. Then, fully and wonderfully stuffed, we went down the street to the vegan store Vegan Haven. Next, more public transportation, all the way to Pioneer Square, for the Underground Tour. It’s a short tour of the underground city from long ago coupled with a humorous Seattle history lesson. After going down in the ground, next we went up. Thirty-five stories in face, at the Smith Tower Observatory. It was a nice view, considering that the air was full of ash and smoke from all the fires going on in the Pacific Northwest. Still cool, although it was a little freaky being up that high and outside. But I lived to tell the tale, obviously. Then more public transportation over to the Capital Hill district for a quick view of a Jimi Hendrix statue and a visit to two faves, Elliot Bay Book Company and Everyday Music. Yes, we bought a bunch of stuff. Duh. Then back downtown to the room and those leftovers from yesterday, another great day in Seattle. We’ve never gone to this many different areas in one day!

Wednesday September 6th

After lunch, we headed over too the Ferry Terminal, where we met up with Cal and Laura. The four of us took the ferry to nearby Bainbridge Island. We strolled around a bit of the nearby town, including some really nice art at the Bainbridge Island Museum Of Art. Then some wandering and shopping around with a stop for an afternoon treat at Mora Creamery. They had about 7-8 flavors of sorbet that were vegan. It was nice having a choice, and it was delicious! After a while we took the ferry back to the mainland. Cal and Laura shopped along the Seattle Waterfront with us for a bit and then headed back to the room. We, on the other hand, took a long hike to Razzi’s Pizza, which had the largest vegan menu I’ve ever seen at a pizza and Italian place. We got it to go and took it back to the room for a tasty dinner after a day of walking and sight-seeing. Mmm.

Thursday September 7th

Today sucks. We have to go home. I hate when that happens. We checked out of the room and had some lunch, then caught the light rail to the SEA-TAC airport. We ran into Cal and Laura waiting for their earlier flight and chatted with them for a bit until their plane boarded. A little later, so did ours, and we were on our way back to Sacramento. Damn. Oh well, we had a wonderful vacation and we’ve already booked a room for next year! Yow!!

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