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The 2017 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part 2

Wait! You should read part one first.

Already did that? Then let’s continue with our Seattle and Bumbershoot trip for 2017.

Monday September 4th

The 2013 Las Vegas Mini-Trip


We needed a break from kid-watching and we had a credit with Southwest Airlines that was set to expire. So, one and one makes two as they say, and we booked a flight and found a good deal on a hotel. Vegas, baby!

So here’s what we did. Most of it anyway. Some of it stayed in Vegas.

Tuesday May 28th

We rode the blue van to the airport in the late afternoon. I made the mistake of trying to make conversation with the driver, asking if he ever had problem riders. So he talked all the way non-stop to the airport about those people, in detail, and he was absolutely NOT happy about them. My bad, I was just trying to be friendly. But in no time we were on the plane to Las Vegas. It was a quick flight and we caught a van to our hotel, The Signature at the MGM Grand. The Signature is one of the few non-smoking hotels around The Strip. It was late evening when we checked in but we were hungry so we took the monorail a few miles to the other end of the strip. Why? Well…

2013 Southern California Trip Photos Are Online

Palm treesHello again, family, friends, and everyone else too. The pictures from our 2013 Southern California trip to Indio, Palm Springs, and Hollywood are now online! We had a great time as usual. Check out the pix!

Any questions, just ask me. Take a look! And leave a comment if you want, I’d like that….

2013 Indio, Palm Springs, and Hollywood photos

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The 2012 Baseball Trip Pictures Are Now Online

2012 Baseball Trip Collage

As I blogged recently, I took a baseball trip with some friends, Larry, John, and Mike. You can read all about it here. But now it’s time to show and tell, so here are some pictures from the trip. As usual I didn’t take pictures of everything but I think you will get the idea. I’ve included my pictures, and also some taken by my friends Larry and John.

And to see the collage on the right at a bigger size, just click on it.

Click here to see the trip pictures. Take a look and then leave me a comment!