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The 2017 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part 2

Wait! You should read part one first.

Already did that? Then let’s continue with our Seattle and Bumbershoot trip for 2017.

Monday September 4th

The 2015 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part Two

space needle tooWait! You should read part one first.

Already did that? Then let’s continue with our Seattle and Bumbershoot trip for 2015…

Sunday September 6

After a leisurely morning, we went for lunch to Veggie Grill, a chain of vegan restaurants that we’ve loved in many cities now. This was the downtown Seattle location and, while the food was delicious, it was more remarkable that Karl and Betty came with us to eat. Why? Well, Karl is a notorious carnivore but he humored us and even found a tasty sandwich that he devoured. A win for the veg people! Then we headed out to day two of the Bumbershoot festival. The first act that we saw was Eliot Sumner and her band. All through the set I kept thinking that she sounded a lot like Sting (in a good way) and that the music was a bit Police-like (later police, not the earlier reggae-incluenced stuff). It was uncanny how much she sounded like him. We were right up in front and Petra managed to get the set list and had Eliot autograph it! As we walked to the stage for next act, I googled her and discovered why the resemblance. She is Sting’s daughter. Doh! It was not mentioned on the web site, in the app, or anywhere, but true nevertheless. Moving on, we watched part of set by Mikal Cronin. His music is kind of power-pop, a bit jangly, and while not bad we soon ventured in search of the next act.

The 2015 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part One

spaceneedleIt was time for our annual trip to Seattle for the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. We go every year, since 2001, making this our 15th year in a row. And we love it more than ever.

I’ll post some pictures soon, but first, here’s what we did on our trip.

Wednesday September 2

Nine of us were headed to Seattle this year, eight from Sacramento and one from Portland. We had various flights and ways to get there. Karl and Betty were taking the same flight, in the late morning. They came to our house and we took the Blue Van (Super Shuttle) to the airport. We took Southwest to Seattle, a quick and smooth flight. Once at the Seattle airport (SEA/TAC), we caught the convenient Light Rail and a bit later we were checking in to our condos at The Camlin.

Pictures From The 2013 Las Vegas Mini-Trip


Hello once again, family, friends, and everyone else. The pictures from our 2013 Las Vegas mini-trip to Las Vegas are now online! We had a great time even though the trip was short. Take a look at the pictures!

If you have any questions, just ask. Now take a look! And leave a comment if you want….

2013 Las Vegas mini-trip photos

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The 2013 Las Vegas Mini-Trip


We needed a break from kid-watching and we had a credit with Southwest Airlines that was set to expire. So, one and one makes two as they say, and we booked a flight and found a good deal on a hotel. Vegas, baby!

So here’s what we did. Most of it anyway. Some of it stayed in Vegas.

Tuesday May 28th

We rode the blue van to the airport in the late afternoon. I made the mistake of trying to make conversation with the driver, asking if he ever had problem riders. So he talked all the way non-stop to the airport about those people, in detail, and he was absolutely NOT happy about them. My bad, I was just trying to be friendly. But in no time we were on the plane to Las Vegas. It was a quick flight and we caught a van to our hotel, The Signature at the MGM Grand. The Signature is one of the few non-smoking hotels around The Strip. It was late evening when we checked in but we were hungry so we took the monorail a few miles to the other end of the strip. Why? Well…

2013 Southern California Trip Photos Are Online

Palm treesHello again, family, friends, and everyone else too. The pictures from our 2013 Southern California trip to Indio, Palm Springs, and Hollywood are now online! We had a great time as usual. Check out the pix!

Any questions, just ask me. Take a look! And leave a comment if you want, I’d like that….

2013 Indio, Palm Springs, and Hollywood photos

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The 2013 Indio, Palm Springs, And Hollywood Trip

worldmark_indioWe just returned from a week’s vacation in sunny Southern California. We timed it for spring break week, not so we could “party like it’s 1999” but because we had no kids to watch that week! Yow! We wanted some warm weather and we got it in Indio, with temps in the mid -80s. So nice.

We went from Friday to Friday and our first destination was Indio, in the desert but nestled like an oasis with Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta and other cities. We spent five nights there and then two in Hollywood. Here’s what we did, mostly…

Friday March 22nd

We hit the road early, since it’s quite a ways to drive. Road trips are fun though, so no worries. About halfway there, we stopped briefly in Bakersfield for gas and also for lunch. Lassen’s Natural Foods there has a deli inside that serves a variety of options, many of them vegetarian and/or vegan. Sufficiently stuffed after that, we traveled the rest of the way, through desert, hills, forest, and more desert, until we got to our first destination, the Worldmark Indio. We checked in to our very nice room (actually living room with large kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom). We took a pleasant walk around the resort, since the weather was beautiful and warm. So nice and warm, in fact that we went to the pool (one of them) and swam for a while, even though it lasted until after 9pm. Then of course we needed a snack back in the room and some rest.