How To Comment

Hi, nice of you to stop by! But you know, this whole blogging thing is more fun when you leave me a comment, telling me you’ve read a post or agree or disagree with me. Or whatever else you want to contribute.

Now, I know what you are thinking. HOW? Easy. So easy. So many ways.

1) Click on the title of any post and it will take you to a special page just for that post. On that page there will be a box to leave a comment below the text.
– or –
2) On the main page, at the bottom of each separate post you will see “No comments” or maybe “1 comment” or some other number. Click on that wording and it will take you to a comment box.
– or –
3) You can also leave a comment about a page (as oppposed to a comment about a post). Use the “Pages” menu on the far right to go to the various pages. At the bottom of each page (except the home page) will be a comment box.

Easy. So easy.

Notice: The first time you write a comment it may take a while for your comment to show up. I need to first check to make sure you’re not a spammer or some other evil-doer. The times after that, your comment should show up much quicker.

And another thing related to comments, on the right hand side of this page there is a “Recent Comments” section. That will list the most recent comments.

Thank you 10,000 bunches for stopping by. Let me know what you think, OK? And was this post helpful? Any other questions about comments?

6 Responses to How To Comment

  1. Mike Daugherty says:

    OK, I see how to comment about a post or comment about a page, but how to comment about Zepparella??? Went to Rhythm and and Ribs at Raley field and saw Zepparella, a female Zeppelen cover group. Loved them. The guitarist, Gretchen Menn was excellent, using her violin bow to scratch out the middle guitar bit of Whole Lotta Love. She left a couple of Jimmy Page notes out there, but all in all did a great job of covering one of the greatest ever guitarists. And she was good looking and you could tell she loved what she was doing. The lead singer, Anna somebody was also very good; didn’t try to be Plant, but delivered in a sexy sort of way. The bass guitarist and drummer had hair hanging in their faces, so never got a good look. The drummer had a ton of energy; must have lost ten pounds during the set. I enjoyed the earlier covers more than the later ones. They play in Sacramento occasionally (the Blue Lamp last February). They’re currently on a West Coast trip, playing in Sparks, Nevada on Saturday. I’ll go see ’em out next chance I get.

  2. stevenology says:

    Nice review of the show, Mister D, it sounds like a good one! We sent your review to too.

  3. Mike Daugherty says:

    A link for all you rock and rollers. Gimmie Shelter (U2, Fergie and Mick)

  4. stevenology says:

    Hey Mister D that’s a pretty good one. Mick is getting pretty old, huh? Nice to see the different generations rocking together.

  5. Mike Daugherty says:

    For you Concrete Blonde fans:

    On July 13, 2010, Shout! Factory will release a 20th anniversary edition of Bloodletting featuring six bonus tracks: “I Want You,” “Little Wing,” the French extended version of “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song),” and live versions of “Roses Grow,” “The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden,” and “Tomorrow, Wendy.”

  6. stevenology says:

    Thanks. Like that album a lot. I hope those are previously unreleased version of those bonus tracks. There have been similar things on CD singles etc.