Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the older posts? I only see the latest ones.
You can see older posts a few different ways.
1) At the bottom of the main page you will see a link for “previous entries“. Click it.
2) Or, if you know what an older post was about, click on a category in the far right column. It will bring up an index of all posts matching that category. From there you can click on the one you want.
3) Use the search box. It will give you a list of hits that match whatever you search on. Then click on the one you want and it will take you to that post.

How do I leave a comment?
All you need to know about how to comment is right here.

How can I contact you?
You can leave a comment, which I will read. Or you can send me email here.

How can I get on your mailing list so I don’t have to keep checking the site?
Sign up for free here.

Can I link to your web site?

Will you link to my web site?
You can always ask…