The 2016 Stevenology Voter Guide Makes Voting Easy!

voteleftAre you wondering how to vote in this election? Well, wonder no more. Here at stevenology we make it easy. No need to think for yourself, we’ll do that for you! It’s simple, just vote like this:

President – Hillary Clinton

US Senate – Kamala Harris

US Rep, District 6 – Doris Matsui

US Rep, District 7 – Ami Bera

State Assembly, District 7 – Kevin McCarty

Prop 55 – Tax Extension For Education and Healthcare – VOTE YES

Prop 56 – Cigarette Tax – VOTE YES

Prop 59 – Corporations and Political Spending – VOTE YES

Prop 62 – Death Penalty Repeal – VOTE YES

Prop 63 – Firearms Control – VOTE YES

Prop 64 – Marijuana Legalization – VOTE YES

Prop 65 – Carry Out Bags – VOTE NO

Prop 66 – Death Penalty Procedures – VOTE NO

Prop 67 – Plastic Bag Ban – VOTE YES

I left some items off, vote however you want on those 😉

Now see, wasn’t that easy? Feel free to argue with me or (better yet) praise my wisdom by leaving a comment below!

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Pictures From The 2016 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip

bumbershoot_2016Hello again, family, friends, and everyone else. The pictures from our 2016 trip to Ocean Shores, Seattle, and the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival (and much more!)  are now online! We had a great time and so did our friends. Take a look at the pictures!

If you are thinking of going in 2017, let me know!

If you have any questions, just ask. And leave a comment if you want….

2016 Seattle and Bumbershoot photos

What we did on the 2016 trip – part 1

What we did on the 2016 trip – part 2

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The 2016 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part 2

bumbershoot_2016Wait! You should read part one first.

Already did that? Then let’s continue with our Seattle and Bumbershoot trip for 2016.

Friday September 2

First day of the Bumbershoot Festival. We started with lunch at Veggie Grill, then took the monorail over to the Seattle Center, where Bumbershoot happens. It’s our 16th year in a row to attend, ever since we discovered it. First on the bill today was an exclusive, private radio performance and interview with Michael Franti. This was a VIP perk and we we fortunate that all three of us could go. Nice start to the day! Then we caught a couple songs by Atlas Genius, ok but just that. We watch some of the break dancing exhibition, which Josephine liked, and checked out some of the Visual Arts exhibits too.

The 2016 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part 1

spaceneedleIt’s our annual trip to Seattle for the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. We go every year, since 2001, making this our 16th year in a row. And we love it more than ever. And this year our granddaughter Josephine went with us. Also traveling, our friends Cal, Laura, Mama O, Aunt Sam, and Margaret.

I’ll post some pictures soon, but first, here’s what we did on our trip.

Sunday August 28th

We took the blue van to the airport and then flew Southwest Airlines to Seattle. Once there, we rented a car and drove to Ocean Shores on the Washington coast. On the way we stopped at Chipotle for lunch. We checked in to Worldmark Mariner’s Village, our home for two nights. After a quick trip to the grocery store for supplies we relaxed back at the condo. We saw deer on the lawn and the field below our balcony.

Our Latest 58 Music Items

Record_PlayerHere is the latest music update. Some of these were new, some were used, most were cheap. Do you love any of these? Hate any of them? Or are you just confused?

Read all the way to the end and then leave me a comment!

Prince – HitNRun Phase Two    CD    5    US
Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe    CD    5    US
Sumner, Eliot – Information    CD    5    US
Murphy, Peter – Ninth    CD    5    US
King, Elle – Love Stuff    CD    5    US
Bowie, David – Blackstar    CD    5    US
Bowie, David – The Next Day    CD    5    US    Two CDs and one DVD
Bowie, David – The Deram Anthology 1966-1968    CD    5    US
Airborne Toxic Event, The – The Airborne Toxic Event    CD    5    US
I Blame Coco – The Constant    CD    5    US
Wombats, The – The Wombats    CD    5    US
Zevon, Warren – Sentimental Hygiene    CD    5    US    Two bonus tracks
Be Bop Deluxe – Unforgettable Tune    CD    5    Unk    Bootleg
Thenewno2 – You Are Here    CD    5    US
Thenewno2 – Thenewno2    CD    5    US
Mates Of State – Our Constant Concern    CD    5    US

David Bowie – RIP


One of the truly greats has passed on. David Bowie has died too young at 69.

There was no one like him. So innovative, such a talent. Any one of his personas would be worth celebrating but he did so many different things so well. He is already missed and will be missed for a long, long time.

Yeah. What’s So Funny About It?

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. All that and more. Yeah yeah yeah. But whatever you believe, I still have one question, thanks to Elvis Costello, The Imposters, David Letterman, and Nick Lowe. What the #$%^& is so funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?

Here’s Elvis hosting the Letterman show, introducing himself and his band The Imposters and performing this classic Nick Lowe-penned tuned. Not a holiday song but what better time to hope for peace, love, and understanding.



Hope you find all three of those things.

If not (or if so) you can leave me a comment…

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