Happy Birthday Woody!

Happy Birthday to one of our best filmmakers.


Our Latest 25 Music Items

Here is the latest music update. Some of these were new, some were used, most were cheap, a couple were free. The CDs are first, the vinyl after, click the “more” link. Do you love any of these? Hate any of them? Or are you just confused?

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Beatles, The – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cd 5 US – Super Deluxe Edition 4CDs, 1DVD, 1Blu-Ray

Lorde – Melodrama cd 5 US

Ward, ZZ – The Storm cd 5 US

Depeche Mode – A Broken Frame cd 5 US

Pictures From The 2017 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip

Hello again, family, friends, and everyone else. The pictures from our 2017 trip to Seattle and the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival (and much more!)  are now online! We had a great time and so did our friends. Take a look at the pictures!

If you are thinking of going in 2018, let me know!

If you have any questions, just ask. And leave a comment if you want….

2017 Seattle and Bumbershoot photos

What we did on the 2017 trip – part 1

What we did on the 2017 trip – part 2

The 2017 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part 2

Wait! You should read part one first.

Already did that? Then let’s continue with our Seattle and Bumbershoot trip for 2017.

Monday September 4th

The 2017 Seattle And Bumbershoot Trip – Part 1

It’s our annual trip to Seattle for the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. We go every year, since 2001, making this our 17th year in a row. And we love it more than ever. This year our granddaughter Josephine went with us again. Also traveling, our friends Cal, Laura, Marie, Mama O, Aunt Sam, and Margaret.

I’ll post some pictures soon, but first, here’s what we did on our trip.

Thursday August 31st

The Book I Read: It By Stephen King

Yes, he’s the master of horror.

I’ve read over a dozen of his books now, and while some are better than others I enjoyed them all. This is one of the better ones. At 1100 or so pages, it took a while to finish, but even at that length I didn’t find much filler. There was one scene that I didn’t really like but overall I liked it a lot and really got to know and care about the characters. I liked the way he switched back and forth between them as kids and as adults. Sometimes you had to read a bit to know which was which. Clever. And Mr. King was very descriptive with being too long-winded. He really does know how to write.

The Wisdom Of John Lennon

Lots Of Video On My YouTube Channel

I go to concerts. Sometimes I record some of the songs on video. Check it out, maybe even subscribe!


The Book I Read: Here, There And Everywhere – My Life Recording The Music Of The Beatles By Geoff Emerick And Howard Massey

Geoff Emerick was actually THERE. We’ve heard a million times about what happened when the Beatles were recording, from the early days until the bitter end. But he was actually there to see and work on a lot of the music. His accounts of the Beatles pushing the limits of the studio again and again offer a world of insights into their music process. He sometimes seems to brag a bit about his record prowess, but then again you can’t argue with the results. His accountings of the Revolver and Sgt Peppers sessions alone make the book worth buying. But there’s much more than that.