Here is the latest music update. Some of these were new, some were used, most were cheap, a couple were free, and of course some were for the wife and/or kid (you’ll see). The CDs are first, then a cassette, then the vinyl after. Click on the “read more” link to see the whole post. Do you love any of these? Hate any of them? Or are you just confused?

Read all the way to the end and then leave me a comment!

Byrne, David – American Utopia CD 5 US
Harrison, Dhani – In///Parallel CD 5 US
XTC – Black Sea CD 5 UK CD + Blu-Ray
TC&I – Great Aspirations CD 5 UK Autographed – Terry Chambers & Colin Moulding from XTC
St. Vincent – Masseduction CD 5 US

Numan, Gary – Savage – Songs From A Broken World CD 5 US
Numan, Gary – Machine + Soul CD 5 US
LP – Lost On You CD 5 US
Oingo Boingo – Marching In Time CD 5 Unk Bootleg
Parker, Graham – The Up Escalator CD 5 US
Gaga, Lady – The Fame CD 5 US
Swift, Taylor – Reputation CD 5 US CD-R
Swift, Taylor – 1989 – Deluxe Edition CD 5 US CD-R, bonus tracks
Swift, Taylor – Red CD 5 US CD-R
Bowie, David – Up The Hill Backwards cass na UK Cassette in cigarette-type box
Clark Jr., Gary – Come Together vinyl 12 US With Junkie XL
Dolby, Thomas – Hyper-Active vinyl 12 UK
Other Two, The – Innocence vinyl 12 US
Electronic – Get The Message vinyl 12 US
Live – The Dolphin’s Cry vinyl 10 US Clear Green vinyl Promotional, Numbered 0303
McCartney, Paul – Holidays Rule vinyl 7 US Red Vinyl, Flip side is Norah Jones. Paul is with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

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