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The Book I Read: Here, There And Everywhere – My Life Recording The Music Of The Beatles By Geoff Emerick And Howard Massey

Geoff Emerick was actually THERE. We’ve heard a million times about what happened when the Beatles were recording, from the early days until the bitter end. But he was actually there to see and work on a lot of the music. His accounts of the Beatles pushing the limits of the studio again and again offer a world of insights into their music process. He sometimes seems to brag a bit about his record prowess, but then again you can’t argue with the results. His accountings of the Revolver and Sgt Peppers sessions alone make the book worth buying. But there’s much more than that.

Terrific Tunes For Tuesday – Take 67

One of my favorite bands is XTC, as some of you know. They did a couple side projects back in the day, masquerading as the psychedelic band “The Dukes Of Stratosphear”. The alter-ego band was comprised of Sir John Johns, The Red Curtain, Lord Cornelious Plum, and E.I.E.I. Owen…

Here’s what Andy Partridge, leader of XTC, had to say about this tune, a sort-of homage to The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”:

We dressed up in the gear, and we had a dummy piano painted in psychedelic swirls, and just made every pop promotional film from 1967 all together in one film. Including this cod Pathe News voiceover at the start which said (plummy newsreel voice) “Here we see Chittingfold House, home of the Frobisher-Harrises since 1667. Some three hundred years later, the English pop group The Dukes of Stratosphear have decided to perform their latest pop recording, ‘The Mole From The Ministry’.” And then it went into this piece of cod. And we were so happy with it, cause it was the only video to that date where we’d had total input and we’d been listed to instead of, oh no, we’re gonna do it my way instead. Cause that always happened on our videos, we just had to shut up and do as we were told. But that one came out great. And then Virgin Records said no, we’re not going to spend any money on it. We said, look, it already exists! You just pay two thousand pounds to the BBC and you can buy it from them! And they wouldn’t do it. So there is a video in existence — it’s quite long, it’s about five minutes long. . .


Get the music: Dukes Of Stratosphear | XTC | Andy Partridge

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RIP John

John Lennon

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Terrific Tunes For Tuesday – Take 60

This is fun, hope you agree. It mashes up the Beatles classic “Come Together” with the recent mega-hit by Lorde, “Royals”. I got a smile out of it, maybe you will too?



What do YOU think?

Maybe you should leave me a comment…

See more and shop for: The Beatles | Lorde

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Terrific Tunes For Tuesday – Take 56

I just finished watching The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” and was going to post a Beatles video, but when I was looking around and thinking about it, I decided to post this instead. For now at least. It’s “Gimme Sympathy” by Metric, a modern band with 5 or 6 albums out, all very good, some songs great. Is this one great? Well, it does reference The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Good start, huh? But with a modern sound. And singer Emily Haines is a great vocalist, not sure if that comes through on this track but trust me on this.

Now watch and listen, you will probably want to turn up the volume while you’re at it.



“Come on baby play me somethin’ like “Here Comes The Sun”….

What did you think?

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The Beatles Love, The Rutles Lunch

As you probably know, The Beatles music was used by Cirque Du Soliel for a show in Las Vegas called “Love”. It’s a great show and I highly recommend seeing it. The Beatles music was remixed and mashed-up, overseen by Beatles producer George Martin, so that the music is both familiar and fresh.

The Rutles (learn more), on the other hand, were NOT asked by Cirque Du Soliel to do anything. They are always in the shadow of the other fab four, it would seem. So there is no Rutles Vegas show. But what if? Luckily, some enterprising person DID remix and mashup their music and it’s now the soundtrack to their non-existent production, “Lunch”. Ah, if only it were meant to be. But we DO have these (click “continue”)…