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The Book I Read: Here, There And Everywhere – My Life Recording The Music Of The Beatles By Geoff Emerick And Howard Massey

Geoff Emerick was actually THERE. We’ve heard a million times about what happened when the Beatles were recording, from the early days until the bitter end. But he was actually there to see and work on a lotĀ of the music. His accounts of the Beatles pushing the limits of the studio again and again offer a world of insights into their music process. He sometimes seems to brag a bit about his record prowess, but then again you can’t argue with the results. His accountings of the Revolver and Sgt Peppers sessions alone make the book worth buying. But there’s much more than that.

Happy Birthday To George Harrison

Yes, he was a member of “that group”. But George was a talent in his own right and a pretty interesting person too.

Here’s a video for his song “When We Was Fab”, a light-hearted and humorous look at his days with that other band. Cool video, good song, and a clever idea.

And it’s his birthday too!



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